Lazy Nigerian Youths - Open letter to President Buhari by Akinjery

Mr President #lazynigerianyouths has  really  revealed  to us that  truly Nigerian youth are lazy.Akinjery has decided to  prove to President Muhammad Buhari  through this letter that  the youth not are lazy.

Read what  Akinjery  wrote:
I wake up 3 am just to wear the same emblem.

I am stucked with this emblem, no matter how much I try, I can't get this stains off my uniform.

I have fresh ideas that better this old stems, no connection but mama told me Nigeria is my root, it just feels like no one wants to use the new stem.

I work all day till I loose form.

They say do your best and leave the rest.

I see every one taking a rest, no one is left to complete the quest.

I bank on five jobs a day and twenty five jobs a week on work days, for someone has to complete the quest.

Some days I feel like quitting this quest, but quitters are never better than the rest.

This stains come from the root and they also rain like raindrops.

I fear this has become our root and still the same thing that grows in us.

They say youths are the future of tomorrow.

What happens when the elders destroy our tomorrow.

I went to school for eighteen years so I could be gainfully employable.

I went job seeking only to be told that my age is no more gainfully employable.

You tried to cage my ideas in a box.

I left my comfort zone to focus beyond this atmosphere, so I started thinking off the box.

I boil in anger for your terror caused horror to my night.

My might slowly fades off each time I tried to put on a fight.

The night ran on titles only the brave could survive.

I have lived so long to be able to survive.

Do you think this was a game.

You put the fame as my surname only to announce me blamed.

It is the same either way that we start to name.

Am far from being lame but you butcher me with the words you speak in frame.

Do you think you can stand when I rise to flame.

You make me rame.

You call yourself noble names but you disrespected the name.

All I can say is, don't go further on your pursuit to tame.

A feast you can be, a beast I can be.
I am a Nigerian youth and I am not lazy.




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