What is my purpose on Earth?

The only way you can be transformed is to be informed, and if you are not informed you will be deformed. I Am Abdulrasak Abdulakeem we will discoursing on Discovery of Purpose. 

 During my research I discovered that, there is a particular question that 80% youth couldn’t answer confidently.

The question is: What is my Purpose on Earth?

I have asked this question from several people, but they couldn’t provide a specific answer.

They have one mentality that they were born because their parent needed a child, which was wrong.

Today you have to change that your Mindset about that and step up your game, so that you can stop stinking and start shining.

The poorest man on earth is the man without a purpose and the most frustrated youth in Nigeria is the one without a vision branded with Mission.

The fulfillment of your purpose is not up to GOD but to you. That is why your best friend should be the one who brings out the best in you and not the worst in you and that is why I have to share this lecture online to help you discover your true identity in life.
So that you can be a blessing and not a curse to your economy. I also believe that anyone of any age and in any circumstances can transform himself, on condition that is if he wants to. You can become all God designed you to be, if you are willing to defy the norm and dare to believe Gods assignment of your ability. My deepest desire is to inculcate in you the courage and boldness to pursue your dreams and to tap the reserve of life yet unseen by your peers.     Nothing is impossible to him who believes.
The first question I want you to ask yourself who am I?    This is the first question you should ask yourself; before you can answer the question of which you really are, you must first consider whom the creator is, who created you?
Having the fact that you didn’t created yourself, should give you a rest of mind to answer the above question, because every manufacturer has a purpose of producing a particular product, regards to that, you also are created to accomplish a specific purpose in life.
The manufacturer (GOD) knew you and before you came into existence right from your mother’s womb, He had separated you and singlehandedly singled you out to rule your world.
Few had discovered their assignment on earth, but all they said was I cannot speak, for I am a child, I cannot under take this task, No one to support me in life, I’m from a poor background, with different excuses because all are with good intentions.
If you know what you are made of, you can never “look down on yourself”, rise up today and let the giant in you speak and have total control of your world.
Many don’t know what they are made of, because they are living someone else life.
Live your life, discover who you really are, live your life in your own way, doing only those things that you are made to do, never you look down on yourself because you have got a lot hidden in you.
To discover who you are, can be the greatest achievement of your life.
A man would be worthless if you have nothing to impact to the present and the future generation.
Success is possible only when you can overcome the natural tendency to cut corners and take the easy way. Lasting success is possible only when you can locate your purpose on earth. 

Second Is What Is My NATURE 
There was a story sometimes ago about a lion walking in the company of sheep. The lion has been moving with these sheep for a long period of time. Until one day when he discovered his real nature of whom he was. No one knows who he is and still suffers mediocrity.

If you know your capabilities and your abilities, you will instantly manifest the power in you.Those who look down on themselves are the people who don’t know what they carries. You are the product of the manufacturer (GOD), and you are the only one in charge of the “MANUAL” of your life. Because Every self-discovery is self-announcing. 

More you discover more from the manual of your life (locating your purpose on earth), the better you announce yourself to the world. Self denial leads to many years of frustration. If you deny yourself in locating and discovering your purpose here on earth, you only unveil yourself to a long time malfunctioning. 

The purpose you don’t bother to discover, you cannot put to use. So your adventure in life begins with your quest for knowledge about yourself. Discover yourself; you are created to be a creator. you are created in life to create your world. Exert the creative forces and be a blessing to mankind by your creativeness: 

Definition of men of purpose 
They aim at building the old waste places, Raising up the foundations of many generations, Becoming the repairers of the breach, And to become the restorer of path to dwell in. 

How To Discover Your Purpose On Earth 
When you do the right thing with your N50, it would become N500, when you do the right thing with your N500, it would become N5,000, when you do the right with your N5,000, it would become N50,000, when you do the right thing with your N50,000, it would become N500,000, that is when you will be talking about six digit in that areas of your life, in the business you found doing. That is how the figure will be increasing on and on without limited, and what you will be experiencing is expansion in that area of yours. 

Aliko Dangote: Born in Kano, his grandfather, the late Alhaji Sanusi Dantata provided him with a small capital to start his own business. He thus started business in Kano in 1977 trading in commodities and also building supplies.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote moved to Lagos in June 1977 and persisted in trading cement and commodities. Encouraged by tremendous success and increase in business activities he incorporated two companies in 1981.

These as well as others that followed now make up the conglomerate known as the Dangote Group. Dangote group is associated with diverse types of manufacturing today with revenues. 

One of the quote/statement derived from Dangote is:  as a self-employed person, with minimum bank education, he proves that business success is usually through strength of mind, honesty and perseverance and not necessarily by obtaining Harvard-oxford certificate or first class academic qualifications. His managerial skills are the envy of economic professor. Born into poverty, Oprah Winfrey became the first African American TV correspondent in Nashville.

Winfrey was born into a poor family in Mississippi, but didn’t stop her from winning a scholarship to Tennessee state university and becoming the first African American TV correspondent in the state at the age of 19. In 1983, Winfrey moved to Chicago to work for an AM talk show which would later be called “the Oprah Winfrey Show”. 

Bishop Oyedepo once said in one of his audio tape that; schooling only makes you a literate, it’s the investment in literature that create your actual future.

For you to understand how to locate your purpose here on earth you must be the one that read impactful literature, there are some people that had gone through the path you are just following.
With the help of a model, you can have a deep insight of what to do, where to go, when to go, and how to do it, that would make the journey become easier and faster.

All vision that is not growing is a dead vision, because every living thing has the characteristics of growth, and it won’t grow until you are judge good and faithful in where you are and qualify to be moved on to experience the next phase in that vision. It is the phase that determines the need. 

You can achieve almost any goal you set for yourself if you have the discipline to pay the price, to do what you need to do, and to never give up no matter the humble beginning.
Thank you I am Abdulrasak Abdulakeem, I will really appreciate you my adding comments



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