Checkout The Poem -"UP- BEAT THE RACE OF LIFE"


The Birth of a Child
Is Bitter Sweet Experience.
Bitter Because Of the Pang of the Birth,
Sweet Because On Beholding the New Creation,
The Mother’s Heart Is Filled With Joy,
For Giving Life and Succor
To One of Her Kind. 

Like The Dawn of a New Day,
Which Bring S in Its Wake, Prospects and Problems,
A Child’s Life Is Brimful,
Of Hopes, Dreams and Aspiration,
Of Mountains to Climb and Valleys to Surmount
Of Challenges To Overcome And Hurdles To Cross.

The story of your life
Has proved that you are a long distance runner
Imbued with the stamina of a horse,
To run the race of life.

One, two, three on your marks
…thirty one, thirty two, thirty three,
Three decade and three
This is the distance you have run
The umpire is waiting at the tape
Eager to wrap round your head
 A garland of honor,


Show them the Centre stage is not a birth right,
It is not exclusive to the lone star.
Show them the world is made for all and sundry,
Show them the sky is large enough to accommodate
All sizes of plumage,
All shades of birds

Leave them all on the line,
Leave them on the starting block.
You have no one to beat but yourself,
You must surpass them all,
Those who have blazed the trail,
And let their marks,
But sin to forget,
That everyone has his time,
And that no king reign forever.

Rub off the smear from your body,
Wash yourself clean with the sweat of your brow,
Show them life is not a one man race
Greater heights you must attain



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